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We live in interesting times to say the least. When it comes to website security, the analogy that comes to mind is that of a brick and mortar store.  With the latter though security is often easier. A brick and mortar store at least offers a physical presence in regards to security and threats.

Not the case with websites. Threats, security risks, breaches and more are hidden. At least hidden to most of us. And unlike a brick and mortar store, such threats can come from anywhere in the world. So maintaining your website security is no easy task.

Nor is it something I can fully speak to over the next few hundred words. But I can at least bring some attention to the subject. And hopefully move it further up on your to do list as a website owner.

Probably the easiest means of adding security and most prevalent is the use of an SSL, secure socket layer. We may have never heard of the term, but we’ve likely seen the padlock on our computer.

Below is and example from the Up Early Designs site of what I am referring to.  Notice the green sideways triangle with the padlock inside. Below that are details of the security being used.

website security

It happens to be located on a page where “sensitive” information such as credit card number, etc would be entered. This form (the page you are entering the data on) will be submitted in a secure (encrypted) fashion.

That’s one aspect of website security. But the other deals with the site integrity itself and that of the site owner. For reasons beyond the scope of this post, people will want to attack your website. Simply having a secure password is not enough.


Probably the biggest opportunity we all have to reduce our chance of being subject to some sort of attack is to ensure we have up to date software.

If you are on a  WordPress platform, that means always updating the version of WP and the plugins you may be using.   Many of which often update on a weekly if not more frequent basis.

For a little more about security, here’s an article 4 Basic Security Facts Everyone Should Know, courtesy of

Website security is one of those subjects few truly understand. And often overlooked. Until it is too late. There are steps we can all take today to increase our website security. And at a minimum at least make it a little harder for someone to infect their site.