Is My Website Up

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Is my website up? Pretty fair question to ask. But why would you ask? If someone professionally built your website, there’s nothing else for you to do right?

That answer depends. Do you want to make a good impression? And do you want to increase sales? Or in the case of this next example do you want to prevent sales?

Is My Website Up

I was doing some research the other day in regards to teaching kids to code. Up Early Designs has been teaching a programming class, Giving Back, and I wanted to do more research on the opportunity.

Which is when I found a website that is not only broken. Not only a really bad example of someone who doesn’t check their site. But ironically, it’s for a company focused on, well. Teaching kids to code.

is my website up

Something Broke

Some code broke their site. As a result they would say no, when asked, is my website up. But odds are they don’t even know that to be the case.

And that is not a knock on this site owner. How many website owners check their site daily? I would imagine that number to be a very, insanely low percentage.

Regardless of what type of store you have, e-commerce or traditional brick and mortar you should always be experiencing your business through the eyes of your customer.

If your business is large enough, then ask someone to be a secret shopper? Or simply call the store or fill out an online form. See if you are happy with the service you receive.

Something Always Breaks

Nothing always works. Something will always break. In the case of a website, it’s often a quick page reload and voila. All is good. Though not true with the above cited example.  Though granted the fix is probably very easy.

Below are some interesting website uptime stats courtesy of CloudEndure.

“Study showed 70% of top 100,000 sites had 99.9% uptime or better; nearly 40% of Fortune 1,000 companies and the top 1,000 sites had even more success by achieving no downtime.

During Q1 of 2016, CloudEndure tracked the 100,000 most-visited websites in the U.S. – a list that includes favorites such as Google, Facebook, The New York Times and Tumblr – as ranked by the audience measurement service Quantcast. CloudEndure developed its own tracking engine that — 24 hours, 7 days a week, without interruption — closely monitored the top 100,000 websites throughout the entire fiscal quarter.”


That’s how many words the average adult knows. See more interesting statistics, though more related to the web and shopping habits, by visiting our Did You Know page.