Website Monitoring

Website Monitoring

We offer a website monitoring service designed to reduce the chances of your website being illegally targeted and or compromised.

The service includes an initial security assessment specific to your website followed by daily monitoring as noted below.

Initial Assessment Includes

  • Installation of any necessary plugins
  • Reconfigure of your login address and credentials
  • Review of any crawl or other site map related issues
  • Review of your server permissions

Daily Monitoring Includes

  • Malware scan of your entire site
  • Theme scan with automatic updates if new versions are available
  • Plugin scan with automatic updates if new versions are available
  • Sitemap monitor for any changes to site files
  • Scan of any blocked IP addresses and improper login attempts

Though monitoring and updating software when applicable greatly reduces the vulnerabilities to your website, this service is not, nor implied to be a guarantee that your website cannot be illegally targeted and or compromised.

This service requires that your website is on a WordPress platform.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Price is $100 billed annually.