My Website Is Down

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My website is down. Did you know that? Well, not mine literally. But this one was. And this is no minor organization. This is a pretty big company. That sells a lot. Though selling less while this appears.

my website is down

So what exactly am I showing you?┬áDid I lose my mind and start babbling about nothing? I thought the same when I typed in the address, hit enter and “this” appeared. No site. No info for the consumer. Just a note about some “admin” thing. What am I supposed to do with that?

What message is this company sending to me? Not only is the store “closed” but I best shop elsewhere.

This reminds me of my retail days. When I would go in early and do a few things before the store was officially opened. So obviously in the sake of safety, I would lock the door behind me.

Then the store would officially “open” and I would eagerly await my first sale of the day. About two hours later that first sale would appear. Only to find a door locked. Yes, I forgot to unlock the door.

At least I was able to rectify the situation ASAP. I could make some lame excuse for why the door was locked well after the store had opened. But what about the owner of this company?


Odds are they still have the store “closed.” And they have no idea. They likely do not monitor their site at least once a day.

You don’t have to be neurotic about checking the status of your site. But you should at least check once a day.

At least make sure the door is unlocked. How else will you sell anything?