Maintaining Your Website

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Launching a website is just the beginning. Your work does not end upon the completion of such. The next phase, one often ignored, is maintaining your website. Though great care goes into the design and overall message, once launched the sad reality is the site isĀ seldom seen by the business owner.

Your customers will see it. They will experience the pros and cons of your site. But not the majority of business owners. I can’t tell you how many sites I visit and find problems. The biggest being the inability to contact the business owner in a convenient fashion (please read Contact Forms for more). Some just offer a phone number. Not even a contact form that won’t work.

I see contact forms that have security questions that are almost impossible to answer. Unless of course you have a magnifying glass and can read the cryptic letters you are asked to repeat. The best though are the forms where you enter your answer and are told it is the in the wrong format. Please try again. Only problem is you are not even told what the format should be. So what does one do? Move on to another business.

I owned a retail store for twelve years. Each day I walked through the front door. I knew if the door was clean. I knew if the welcome matt was present and straight. The racks would be cleaned and organized multiple times a day. You name it, the store was pristine. Why? Because I cared and more importantly it was right in front of me.

When it comes to the web, business owners care. There’s no question. Why else would they have invested the time and money to build a site. But do the see it every day? Do they see how impossible the experience can be for their customers. How customers in many cases simply cannot contact the business. What about outdated articles, expired coupons, discontinued products and more.

The ironic thing is that all business owners spend time on the web. They may visit their Facebook page, Twitter account or other social media. Purely for personal reasons. They may catch up on the news, watch a funny video and more.


Why not take a minute a few times a week and check out your own site. Put yourself in the mindset of your customers or potential customers and ask one simple question. Does the website experience make you want to spend money with this business or shop elsewhere?

maintaining your website