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Website content is what it is all about. Want to drive traffic? You need to push out as much content as you can. Want to give people a reason to keep visiting? You need to constantly push out new content. There are a lot of little things you can do to help search results and grow traffic. But at the end of the day. Website content is king.

I would compare content to a website like product to a store. Would you visit a store if they had little to offer? Would you tell your friends to visit that store? Of course not. Sure you may give them a few tries in hopes something changes. But if after each visit you see the same, limited selection what happens? You move on. And you certainly don’t recommend the store to your friends.

Google and other search engines are like your personal referral network. They scour the web looking for worthy places to visit. And when they find them, they tell you about them. But they have to find them. And the biggest means they rely upon is content.

But just having a lot of content is not enough. Again the analogy of a store. Perhaps the store you visit has tons and tons of offerings. Great, you plan on visiting many times since there’s just too much to take in at once. But after a few visits a trend emerges. Nothing is new. It’s all the same, old, outdated stuff. Do you keep visiting? Do you tell your friends? Once again, of course note.

Neither would Google, Bing or any other search engine. They need to see fresh, relevant content. Three words which are key to success.


Your content has to be updated constantly. It cannot be stale. Nor can it be outdated. Sure it takes time, but it’s something you either need to do or hire someone to do. But it has to be relevant.


Content has to be tailored to your audience. If you have a pet site, your audience is visiting with an interest in pets. Not every piece of the site needs to discuss pets. But most should.

And it should be relevant content. Not always a sales pitch about your products or services. Rather some intangible gift  you are giving to each visitor. Some knowledge the makes them want to continually visit to learn and eventually buy.


There is no substitute for content. There’s nothing worse than visiting a site and seeing the last update maybe a year ago. It simply raises too many questions.

Website Content

Customers need to see new content overtime they visit. If you want them to visit frequently, give them a reason. Give them content. But good content. Write with purpose. Write about what is on their mind.

Speak to them through words. This is not an english class. This is not an exam. Rather, writing content is an opportunity to engage, inspire and convert visitors. But it’s up to you.

Absent your efforts or hiring someone to write on your behalf, all the other tricks to drive traffic and grow online sales will fail to measure up.

website content