Teaching Kids To Code

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Show of hands. Alright, it’s the web, I can’t see your hands. But answer this question regardless “how many people use computers?” I would imagine everyone “rose their hand.” Computers by the way are not just those big clunky things on your desk or kitchen counter. They are mobile phones, iPads, watches and more.

Another “show of hands.” How many people know how to write computer code? If you said 10% guess what? You are wrong. Did I hear 2%? Wrong! Less than one percent would be accurate. Amazing to think that only¬†one out of every hundred people can write code.

So in other words, our lives are surrounded by software. From the microwave oven to your TV and more, software has taken over our lives. Yet the vast majority have no idea how to program. No worries, right? I mean, the younger generation is learning how to program. So after a few years those stats will change. Sorry to report, but no. Just look at the charts below courtesy of code.org.

See any improving trends? See any great movement to introduce computer science at the K-12 level? I don’t. In a period where good paying jobs are hard to find, it is sad that right now so much opportunity is being lost. By that I mean there is a labor shortage near one million in the computer science field.

What Can We Do?

So what can one do? For Up Early Designs we are teaching a programming course at our local school. And you can do the same. To learn more please visit Giving Back, or sites like code.org.

The below photos are courtesy of code.org.

teach kids to code

teaching kids to code

teaching kids to code

teaching kids to code

teaching kids to code