Personalize Your Website

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Personalize your website and make it more dynamic. More lively. More welcoming.

Who hasn’t visited a website a few times and found the same old presentation. Nothing changes. Content doesn’t change. Images do not change. Nothing. Just the same presentation over and over.

And worse, it’s catered to everyone. There is no personalization.

Personalize Your Website

Making your website more personal is not overly complex. Below is a simple example of how you can greet people based on their local time.

A simple javascript checks the computer time of the user and greets them with a time specific response. Such as “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon,” etc.

personalize your website

Add Video

Video is another way you can personalize your website. Personalized in the sense that a visitor is seeing more than just photos and text. Rather they are hearing a voice. Engaging in a more intimate fashion.

We’ve talked about how digital is transforming the early stages of relationships, Automated Relationship Building. Incorporating video can bring back part of that old school component.

Where people begin building trust and confidence through seeing or hearing the other person.

Tailor The Visit

Another feature is to offer the user choices upon visiting your site. One example is for those selling to both retail and wholesale.

When your home page loads offer two buttons. One for retail consumers, the other for wholesalers. One click and they are brought directly to the pages and content they are most interested by.

This is less about saving time and more about helping the user navigate to where they want to get to. About making them feel as if someone is catering to them in a more intimate fashion versus throwing them at a website.  Telling them to navigate on their own.


You can changes images whether it be seasonal or location based. Though using cookies for example to decipher location and personalize does have some concerns beyond today’s scope.

Using the example at the beginning where we greet users based on their local time, you could present users with images.

A cup of coffee in the morning with a note saying “Good Morning” and something different for the evening.  Here’s an example from a company I have quite an affinity towards, Moz.

personalize your website

You Not Me

It’s about you, not me. You the visitor. Not me the owner trying to generate a sale. Remember that. Personalize your site to get that point across. To make your visitors feel welcome.

In the age of digital where people skills sometimes are left at the address bar, do whatever you can to make visitors enjoy the time they are investing in your site. Maximize their experience.

It likely won’t generate a sale today, but it will help build a relationship.


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