Contact Forms

Up Early Designs

Contact forms look really cool on a website. They can be formatted with fancy buttons. You can force an entry. Or even limit the amount of text someone enters in the form. Once submitted the form can generate a cool email to the visitor and more.

Outstanding. Fantastic. Sign me up. But there’s a catch. A big catch. Such a big catch that at Up Early Designs we have gone old school. We have scratched the contact forms completely and use a plain old vanilla email address. Though aesthetically challenged as compared to contact forms, they offer one huge benefit.

Email always works. Whereas contact forms often fail to work. No big deal you’re thinking right. When the form doesn’t work I’ll simply fix it and voila, back to a really cool looking site. The problem though is how will you know when the form does not work? Will you test the form daily?

Maybe you will the first few days of your new website. But amid the hustle and bustle of running your own company, no one is going to test the form. Just like no one ever really calls their business line to understand what customers experience while on hold.

I speak from experience where my own business used a contact form and broke. A few weeks of not responding to a customer and I received an earful. And a reminder that though technology is really cool in theory. Often theory and reality are two different things.

So if you do have a contact form on your site, I ask one simple favor. Include an email address so someone can contact you old school. And a double please. If you only have a phone number on your website. Add at least an email.

Customers more than likely will not call you. Especially millennials. Rather they’ll find a competitor who does have an email or at least a working contact form. Good luck to them with the latter.

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