Video Trends

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Do You Watch Videos?

You’re not alone. Video trends are changing fast. So fast that the next statistic may shock you.

Video Trends Are Up!

Not just up, but way up. And guess what’s about to be surpassed? Traditional TV. Yes, internet videos are set to surpass traditional TV in the foreseeable future.

A combined 35 billion plus hours are spent each day between TV and internet. That in itself is a hard number to wrap one’s head around.

But what’s even more difficult is that while TV has not changed since 2010, online video has tripled over the same time.

What was once 5 billion hours per day in 2010 is today, 15 billion.

video trends


The speed and impact of technology on our lives is truly amazing. The internet continues to play a bigger role with each passing day in how we interact with the world.

Aside from Amazon shutting down the internet on February 28th, technology is fascinating (yes, if you lost wifi or access to may sites, you can thank Amazon). It’s exciting. And for many it can be scary.

But whether you find technology scary or not, you have to embrace it. If your business is going to succeed in a digital age, you need to evolve with technology.

The rewards are simply too great to not.