Research Tools

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Research tools have become a key component in many modern day marketing strategies. Which is insanely odd to think and even odder to type.

How, could one claim that a market strategy should include research tools? That makes zero sense.

I mean marketing is about coming up with cool campaigns around an even cooler brand. Then blitzing the world with your message. And watching the sales roll in.

Research Tools

Times, they are changing. And as a result so is the traditional marketing strategy.  In part, because of the role digital plays in our daily lives (recently discussed in  The Growth Of Digital).

Among those aged 35 and younger, search and websites are the preferred source of research. It may seem biased to only highlight Millennials (20-35) and Gen We (under 20) but they account for nearly 40% and 50% of the workforce and population respectively.

research tools

Who Cares

Why am I talking research as it relates to marketing? Because 57% of people conduct product and or service research before ever reaching out to a company contact.

And 96% of website traffic is NOT buying at the moment. They are doing many things, research among them.

The Role Of Research

Pre-digital, the typical business relationship was formed through more “analog” methods. Analog, such as meeting face to face. Having lunch, shaking hands and talking shop.

Or through blasting print ads over and over and until our brains are trained to go buy product X at store Y.  We need to see a print ad something like nine times (sorry for the ambiguity) before ever responding. That’s a pricey proposition using print.

Redundancy in many ways played a key role in creating relationships.  Today, in the age of digital, it’s insanely easy for customer and company to “meet.” But not meet in the traditional sense.

Rather type in a URL or search term and within milliseconds a meeting is setup. A few seconds later the meeting has begun.

Once Again, Who Cares

You should care. Why? Because if you are not providing these resources, your customers or potential customers will find someone who is.

Your competition will start building a relationship that may very well lead to a sale or some transaction.

We all want to kick the tires before we buy the car (is that expression known only to Gen X’ers and older). Let customers kick your tires and maybe they’ll buy your car.


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