What Is SEO

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What is SEO?  It’s way more than an acronym for search engine optimization. And certainly more than making a few “tweaks” so you populate higher in search.

SEO is a lot of things. It’s also very misunderstood. And for good reason. It’s a topic that expands and evolves each day.  A function of the reality that the world is increasingly more digital.

What Is SEO

Most people would define SEO as a tool one uses to increase the visibility of their website in search. If you own a Mexican restaurant for example you may implement an SEO strategy.

The goal being when someone types “great Mexican food” in search, your restaurant appears right away. People click. They visit your business and you retire early.

Maybe I exaggerated slightly but you get the point. And though that is one of the benefits and uses of SEO, it’s not then only one.

SEO and Marketing

One could argue that today SEO is as important as marketing. Or better said, SEO is marketing. The two are so overlapping that they are indistinguishable.  SEO is too broad reaching to operate in a vacuum.

It’s not up to the “web person” at Don Juan’s Taco Heaven to do some “SEO thing” while “marketing” promotes the company.

No, the “SEO person” needs to work with “marketing.”

How Does It Work

SEO, as with marketing, is about increasing brand awareness. Making a connection.  Attracting new customers while engaging existing ones.

It involves understanding who your customer is. Whether that is defined by a demographic profile, geographic location or both.  SEO also involves understanding what your business goals are. An often “assumed” and therefore “overlooked” task.

Marketing is effective or at least has the chance to be when a campaign is created. A multi-pronged approach to achieving a goal or goals. The same is true with SEO.


An effective SEO campaign is focused in part, on increasing traffic to some location. Whether that is your homepage, another page or social media for example.  Viral is an important tool in achieving this goal.

And yet another term often misunderstood. Viral is self growing. It grows organically. A viral video for example once released self propagates. It perhaps touches people on an emotional level. Or maybe answers a question or strikes laughter.

Viral is good. It is the giving of something to someone with no cost. No preconceived notion that if you read this funny video you will smile, click on my link and come order a taco at my restaurant.

Viral is like building that emotional bank account. Giving something to someone. And if you give enough you will most likely receive some reward at some point in the future.

Is That It

Sorry, that is just a start. Just a scratch of the surface. A subject requiring more than a 577 word post.

If you take anything from this post, please take the following. Do not limit SEO to tweaking your website and expecting magical results in Google.

Expand your view, understanding and acceptance of SEO.  A tool that continues to grow alongside our digital lives.

Speaking Of Viral

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