Search Engine Optimization

Up Early Designs

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of increasing your search results. A successful SEO campaign means your products, service, website, etc will be moved higher in the search results. Nothing too magical regarding the definition.

Producing results though is more magical. It requires a bit more creativity and a bit of work. Not a lot of work. More like consistent smaller efforts on a regular basis. There are no shortages these days of companies offering to increase your search results for a monthly or annual fee, but it’s not that easy. Nor is it necessarily that expensive.

First and foremost, SEO requires that your site is found by the search engines, such as Bing or Google. Google, et al essentially need to be instructed as to how your website is built. So they know how to find your site, and more importantly new content.

These steps are not overly complicated, but they are not steps you’ll easily find without some experience and research. The next step I compare to going on a diet. Wanting to lose perhaps twenty pounds can be comparable to getting on page one of Google. It’s daunting at first. Nor is the path clear.

The key though is focusing on little successes. And measuring results. A scale to the dieter is equivalent to analytics to the SEO campaign. You need to have either a real or delayed means of measuring traffic. But not just overall traffic. You need to also measure other metrics like how people are coming to your site. Whether they are relying on a link, using search terms or some other means.

And once at your site, are they staying? Are there pages visitors consistently leave from? This is where the creativity is needed. Try different campaigns, tweak pages, etc. See what impact this has on performance.

The other important step involves adding new content to your site. Whether it’s articles you write or videos you post, you need to add content. Your site needs to be fresh in the eyes of the search engines. And it needs to give visitors a reason to visit. How many sites do you visit knowing they never add new content? Who is going to go through the effort to visit a site that never changes? No one.

So with SEO be creative. Be persistent. And most importantly have a plan and adapt that plan based on performance. You’ll find the results you desire.