Promoting Your Website

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Congratulations. Your website is launched. Weeks, possibly months of design, tweaking, editing and more are over. You are now open to the world. Open the till. Let the register start ringing.

Promoting Your Website

Ok, so do tell. What is your plan? How will you go about promoting your website? Will it be social media driven? Will you use a lot of content to show Google and others that your site is worthy of a referral and a visit.

Wait, what? You don’t have a plan. You put all that effort into a website and now have no plan on what to do next?

Does It Cost Money

Good news. No. Promoting your website does not cost money. It can, but it is not the only approach.

Well then what does it involve? What are your choices?

Organic Versus Paid

Organic traffic, is free, non-solicited traffic. It’s when someone enters your name in Google and finds you. They see you listed on page one perhaps and like what they read in your short description (meta tag), so they click.

They now are on your site. Congratulations. That is an organic visitor.

Then there is paid. Easiest example would be Google Adwords. You pay to place ads under specific search terms. When someone enters those terms in search, you likely appear. If someone clicks, you pay.

You can set a budget to control your costs. If someone does click a link, congratulations. That is a paid visitor.

Level Playing Field

The beauty of the internet is we are all on a level playing field. To an extent. When we open our store we are all sitting in some abandoned, dim lit alleyway. No one can find us.

Like Canyonlands, there are areas to this day, not yet found. Wait, what?

Contrast the web with brick and mortar. Most of us cannot open a store right next to Apple in Manhattan for example. We can’t afford it. But on the internet, with a little money and a lot of creativity we can compete.

The Answer Is

We can have a store right next to Apple if we want. But what we want is not always what we get.

To achieve our dreams, our goals, we need a plan. A realistic, measurable strategy.

So what’s your strategy for promoting your website?

promoting your website