Misunderstanding SEO

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Misunderstanding SEO is one of the great tragedies of our day. Ok, maybe not a great tragedy in the true sense of the word, but a tragedy nonetheless.

Why you ask? Let me explain.

Misunderstanding SEO

Ask one hundred people what SEO is about and the majority will say to improve search. True. True indeed. But oh so limited.

But who cares if we truly understand the meaning of SEO right? I mean if we can improve search results then we still achieved our goal.

Not So Fast

Sure SEO is about improving search. And in its most basic or original definition it means or meant, tweak a few things here and there and voila.

A few 302’s to 301’s, some “rel-canonicals” a few fixes of duplicate page titles and other crawl errors and you should appear on the first SERP (search engine result page) in short order.

Not true. And if anyone is selling you a service proclaiming such, then run fast. Run Usain Bolt fast. Far away from where they are. Problem is, there are a lot of those salespeople out there.

SEO Only Goes So Far

Every site has crawl errors. Duplicate pages titles and more. I doubt any site is perfect. The simple fact that we are constantly changing sites means we likely have some error(s). Even the largest of sites.

So to an extent you need to improve crawl errors where Google has difficulty “reading” your page and indexing it (please read, Search Terminology to learn more) for future search results. But those improvements only go so far.

In other words, even SEO must follow the law of diminishing returns.

misunderstanding seo

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Enough Already

Please, get to the point.  A site with a lot of traffic is less about having the most beautifully optimized pages. It’s more about providing the best possible user experience.

Whether that means providing some means of interaction like forms or video. Or just a ton of constantly updated and valuable resources, blogs posts and more.

You need to be focusing on the overall customer experience. That’s SEO. Why do I say that? Because if you do that, combined with the basic edits to enhance site performance, then you will have traffic.

Likely lots of traffic. And guess what? Google will see that. And they will feature you ahead of others.

I Beg Of You

So please. I beg of you. Don’t limit SEO to what the sharks out there are trying to sell you. It’s way more than maximizing external links or back links.

If you don’t fully understand SEO. No worries. Most don’t. And that’s fine. But do some basic research (please read our Archives Page to learn more). You’ll be amazed at how a simple acronym is actually simple in practice. In fact not just simple. Rather pure commonsense.

And the benefits of truly understanding SEO will ring the register. But it starts with focusing on the overall customer experience.

So even though we are in a truly digital world (please read The Growth Of Digital for more). It still comes back to basics. Servicing the customer. Meeting their needs even as those needs change.

Though digital may have changed how we interact with customers. The basis of such interaction has not. And SEO plays a vital role in that process.