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Today’s topic is keyword research as it relates to search. Something we’ve been discussing a lot lately. Why? Because SEO is so important. And yet so misunderstood.

Sure the basics of SEO, like what it stands for are known.  Or that SEO is a tool to improve search results.  But that just scratches the surface of this very important opportunity.

An opportunity to not just drive traffic and convert leads to sales. But to increase overall brand awareness. Vital for everyone.  Whether you are internet based or traditional brick and mortar.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of identifying those words and or phrases (read Focus Keywords) that you are associated with. In other words, how do you want to be found when a search is performed.

As a jewelry store owner do you want to be found when someone enters jewelry in search. Even though such a term produces 1.5 billion (yes, billion) results. Perhaps too competitive.

So  you narrow it down and find a few choices.  Custom jewelry, only 50 million (only). Or perhaps handmade jewelry. Down to 27 million. Or what about handmade necklaces, 20 million results.

The Dilemna

Now you have some hard decisions. You may have a short list of handmade jewelry, handmade necklaces and perhaps a new entrant, handmade rings. But which one do you choose? Answer? All of them.

Wait, but I thought Google frowned upon keyword stuffing. They do. But not if you follow this approach. An approach that turns your website into a resource for users.

Google wants to maximize the customer (searcher) experience. Just like we prefer to visit one store to buy all of what we need, the same mentality is true with search.

Research begets research. An answer to a question often triggers another question. A website that can answer more than just one question is a true asset. A true resource that maximizes the user experience. Something Google strives for.

The Design

So when you design your site, keep in mind the broader goal of what you want to accomplish. Rather than identify one focus keyword and building your site around that, build it around many.

Make your site a resource that expands beyond the word jewelry, or custom jewelry for example.  A source that answers more than one question.

When it’s time to create or possibly overhaul your website, think beyond basic design  (speaking of which, Design Ideas).  Do some keyword research as well and incorporate that message.

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