Increasing Website Traffic

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Increasing website traffic is a goal for all business owners. Regardless of how much traffic you already have. You can never have enough. Especially when sales is a numbers game.

The conversion rate is often low. So the more  you have to try and convert the greater your overall sales will be. So how do you increase traffic? Well the good news is you don’t need to invest a lot of money.

Equally there are no simple answers. No magical task you can perform and voila, your traffic soars.  Rather increasing traffic comes down to a few tried and true methods, creativity and work.

If you sell jewelry for example, simply adding a key word like “jewelry” to your website will do little to make you standout from the countless others who have done the same. And how do you even know if jewelry is the right word? Perhaps the majority of organic searches start with more popular key words. So here’s a little trick. Before you come up with key words, focus words, whatever you want to call them, do a Google search. See what terms populate. Those are the most popular.

Having built a number of sites which ended up producing significant traffic we have a bit of experience on the subject of traffic.  The most significant approach for increasing website traffic is likely not everyone’s favorite. It involves content. But not just any content to make site look updated. But rather relevant content.

Think of search from Google’s standpoint. Imagine you do a search, and are presented results of a few sites. You visit those sites and see that they add content nonstop. But it’s not relevant. What would you rather visit? A site with less frequent but relevant content. Or a site with nonstop action but no relevancy at all?

Would you consider using Google for search if the results were lackluster at best? The same is said with Bing or Yahoo. Search is competing for traffic as well. The better they can produce results that are relevant the greater their own traffic.

So they are looking for sites that are not just full of content, but relevant. In other words if you have a travel site, don’t publish guest articles about automobiles for example. Keep it relevant.

Beyond relevant content there are other items to consider. For example photos. Not only do photos make articles easier to read, but can drive traffic. Why? Because the use of “alt tags” make your photos searchable as well.

Google also wants to see links referencing other websites, not just your own. So incorporate those links. But spell them out versus “click here” and keep them relevant.


This is just an overview of what needs to be done for increasing website traffic. And it needs to be done. You need to differentiate your jewelry or travel website for example from the countless others competing for traffic.

You need to invest the time and creativity to produce the results you not only want, but need.

increasing website traffic

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