Google Search Autocomplete

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Google search autocomplete is many things. For one it’s often  a good source of laughter. Equally, a little too telling about society and what is truly on people’s minds. Regardless of what Google search autocomplete is used for it remains one thing. An invaluable tool.

So what exactly is Google search autocomplete? It is a history of the most popular Google search terms. You have your own, personal search history (Google Search History) and then there is everyone’s search history.

The former, obviously being the history of what you have searched for. The latter, what everyone has searched for.  Unless you are into some devious activities and need to hide your own personal search (please, I don’t want to know) then we’ll move on to the subject at hand. What is everyone searching for on Google?

Here’s an example. When I type in my favorite food, below are some of the most popular search results.

Google search history

So if I were going to write a blog post about food and I was able to tweak my message, then I may want to use “my favorite food in spanish” possibly as a title or focus keyword. Perhaps not the best example, but hopefully it makes the point.

The reason everyone should research Google search history prior to publishing anything is to make sure they are maximizing their reach. That they are using the more popular search results versus randomly coming up with something.

Here are some other examples of Google search autocomplete results.  I’m a little concerned when it comes to what people need to buy.  A gun and insurance are two of the top choices. Do I laugh, cry or just run?

google search autocomplete

google search autocomplete

google search autocomplete

google search autocomplete


Google search autocomplete is just one tool. Though a valuable one. There are even more valuable tools we’ll discuss in future posts. One being Google search trends.

But for now, do yourself a huge service. Next time you need to come up with focus key words or an article title, first research Google search autocomplete.

Not only will you get a few laughs, but more importantly, valuable insight.