Does Your Website Generate Sales

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A simple question to ask, does your website generate sales? After all, isn’t that why you have a digital presence in the first place? To generate leads. Drive sales. Convert traffic into “cash in the til.”

Does Your Website Generate Sales

Think of a time you were shopping, for anything, and were unable to buy. What did you do? You walked out, left the site, hung up the phone. Right?

How many times have you gone to a large retailer, and rather than ask for help or product reviews,  you pulled out your phone and did your own research, right on the spot? Heck, when I’m at Costco, even though I love the store, I find myself often Googling where a product is located. Because you’ll never find a person to ask such a question.


Break The Cycle

As a web designer, I am constantly tasked with convincing clients to think out of the box. But all too often, as the customer is always right, an opportunity to differentiate is lost.

The result, a five slide, slideshow, that few if any will ever see slide two, let alone slide five. Or way too much text that is anything but articulate.

Ten items on your primary navigation is only going to confuse people. Especially if asked to look at all those options on mobile. Less is more. Don’t say the same thing multiple times on multiple pages. Ask yourself if something is truly important. Chances are it is not. So remove it. Remove the clutter and make the overall experience far more enjoyable.

What Is The Attention Span Of a Gold Fish?

More than that of a human. Yes, at nine seconds, a gold fish has a longer attention span than a human. In other words, you have only seven seconds to grab one’s attention. To articulate a message. Make a point.

Only seven seconds to resonate on some level that the user is willing to give you more time before they “pogo-stick” back to the SERP, and find a better website. That makes Google mad by the way.

Provide Resources

Please, don’t make your visitors have to search all over for important and relevant information they need, on the spot, to make an informed decision. Whether it’s shipping rates, return policies, product reviews, you name it, provide it. Plain and simple.

Use tools like live chat to allow instant communication. And equally important, make sure it is being monitored.

Identify your top landing pages use Google Webmaster Tools and focus on those pages. Make sure the page is optimized for speed and overall user experience. And provide a lead capture tool.


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