Creating A Clear Message

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Regardless of what you are doing, creating a clear message is critical to success.  It must be clear, concise and accurate. It must inspire action.

Whether you are a leader in an organization, owner of a small business or a sales person on the road, you need to hone your message. You need to be clear. And you need to address a problem. Something we discussed in a recent post, Increasing Your Sales.

We all know this. I’m not saying anything new. So why am I writing about this today? Because there is a difference between knowing something and doing something.

As someone who visits a lot of websites, and something I wrote about previously, I am amazed at how many simply don’t function. Or whose contact forms don’t work. Where the only means of communication is a phone number. Newsflash, most people today don’t want to talk on the phone.

I would wager that few people actually take the time on a regular basis to experience their store in the eyes of their customer. Who actually calls in and experiences what it’s like to be on hold? Or submit an online form, email other means of communication and see how long a response takes. And if a response happens, is it helpful?


Though we all know the importance of having a clear message, many, unfortunately, fail to follow through. They fail to constantly check that message for accuracy. It’s less a function of being lazy and more a function of just too much going on. Not seeing the importance of simply monitoring the message your business is sending. Trust me it’s important.

Here’s a local store I recently visited. A big store. A big national chain. Wonder how that rewards program is going.

creating a clear message