Increasing Your Sales

Up Early Designs

Today I want to share a succinct and insightful video (only twelve minutes of your life is required) on the subject of increasing your sales. But more than just sales. More than just sales in the traditional sense of the word.

What do I mean? I mean selling your vision. Inspiring action upon your staff and clients. Inspiring them to see what you are selling. The solution you offer to a problem they need to address.

Own a business? You’re a salesperson. Have employees (even just one)? You’re a salesperson. In fact whatever position you have in any organization you are a salesperson. Whether you are selling a product or a vision or inspiring action. You are a salesperson. At least if you want to find success.

The Cliff Notes

And lastly, without sharing the secret sauce of the video. The key with sales is in many ways not to sell. Don’t always be pushing your product or service. Rather engage and offer insight. Build rapport. And if and when the opportunity presents itself still, don’t sell. Rather offer a solution to a problem someone needs to resolve.