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In a recent post, Photo Trends, we discussed website photos.  And how in our current society, though technology in many ways has made us introverted, it has also connected us.

Introverted in that people often immerse themselves with their phone versus interact with the people around them. Connected in that people share their lives with us through their camera.

The result, is in many ways, we truly get to know others on a more intimate level. They share more details about their lives as captured through their lens. Though sometimes they may share more than we necessarily need to know.

I wanted to highlight a few photos from that post as I think they really capture the moment with an elegant simplicity.


The use of drones creates images that once was only seen in flight.

website photos

First Person

Truly capture the moment. Become part of the photo.

website photos

Black And White

Color is beautiful. While black and white is timeless.

website photos

A Little Color

Add in a splash of color to bring attention, focus.

website photos


Capture the essence of the moment.

website photos


Genuine. Unscripted. Real.

website photos


Simple yet inspiring.

website photos


No models. No props. Just life.

website photos