Photo Trends

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We recently added a new resource to our website. Please visit Photo Trends, to learn more.  This resource highlights some of the new trends in photography, primarily in regards to websites, print media campaigns, etc.

The biggest change is that photos have become more real and less rehearsed. With phones in almost everyone’s pocket, purse, hand and more, photography is exploding. Just look at the below infographic courtesy of the New York Times in their article, Photos, Photos, Everywhere.

photo trends

Growth is showing no signs of slowing down. And why should it?  People are visual. We love to share our lives, our experiences. Thanks to advances in technology the ability to share has never been easier.

Ironic Technology

Many would argue technology has made society more introverted. We can easily avoid others by staring at our phones. As if an emergency email just came in. Or we need to update that Facebook page ASAP. Much of that is true. But the irony is technology has also made us closer.

We can now experience in a more intimate fashion, the lives, emotions, experiences and more of each other. Not through our eyes or theirs. But rather the eye of their camera.


Next time you write a post or create a marketing campaign, etc, don’t simply look at photos as something to fill up space. Don’t simply find any photo and insert it and move on.

Rather, identify the emotion you want to inspire. The message you want to send. Then find the photo or photos that capture that articulate your words.

After all. A picture often is worth a thousand words.