Meet the Team

Tracy Capobianco

A graduate of Bentley University in Boston, MA, Tracy began her professional career as a commercial lender. Over the next fifteen years her career transitioned from an analyst to vice president of lending overseeing a $100 million portfolio.

Though the money was good (actually great), something was missing. With her entrepreneurial spirit and desire to spend more time as a mom, Tracy left the safety of the corporate world.

Inspired by an international adoption, she started her first (of two) home based businesses producing baby carriers.  The product was sold in retail and online including major retailers such as Sears, Walmart, Zulily, Amazon, Overstock and Etsy.

As the baby carrier industry shifted, Tracy opted to sell the business and transition into pet carriers, a business she operates today.

Tracy lives in Denver, CO with her husband and two children.  An avid runner who has completed a number of marathons, she is a self proclaimed Disney fanatic.

Tony Pallotta

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-1-05-43-pmTony shares a story similar to that of Tracy. Though his career began with a mechanical engineering degree from WPI in Worcester, MA. Upon graduation Tony began his professional career with General Electric.

He also found success and was quickly promoted through the management ranks. Though his entrepreneurial spirit was too strong to be held captive by good money and stock options. So he took the road less traveled and followed his dream of opening a specialty running store in the Boston area.

Twelve years later, after experiencing great joy and success, the entrepreneurial spirit would once again bring change. In 2008, Tony sold the business to a competitor and began his next chapter as a self-taught programmer, consultant and futures trader.

Tony lives in Denver, CO with his wife and two children. Also an avid athlete who has completed three Ironman, ten ultra-marathons and even a double Grand Canyon crossing.