Using Google Search

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We’ve been writing about using Google search a lot lately. From search to trends, to improving results, there is a lot to cover. So we might as well cover a bit more.

It’s great to talk about how powerful data or tools can be. But the real challenge is using those tools in a way that drives sales. After all, isn’t that the goal of everyone’s business? To sell more.

So let’s focus on the most recent discussion on current trends and see how we can use these tools with real examples. In the case of the most recent discussion, the search subject was the key word “jewelry.” Or as some who cannot spell but still use search would write “jewellry” (yes, I know it’s wrong but it is a popular search term).

So assume you are an online jewelry store who focuses on pets. Whether you sell through Etsy, your own website or some other e-commerce site. Perhaps there is a market that you really want to get into, such as the Japanese market. After all, I am told Japanese people love their pets. I believe they even have baby strollers for pets.

So how do you tap that market? One way is to find some bloggers in Japan who write about pets. Then ask them to participate in an affiliate marketing program. They list your product and for every sale that is generated the blogger(s) receive a commission. It’s easy to track and very cost effective. And for the blogger, it’s in their best interest to not only post your product on their site but to promote said product as well.

Another example would be to identify what the more popular pet breeds are being searched for. Whether it’s jewelry or not. Once identified, then promote those breeds more often and more prominently. Even offer promotions on the more popular breeds.

Let’s mix it up and say you are a travel agent. You can use Google search to identify geographically where more people are searching “travel” for example. What if the data says that the majority of search originates from east coast cities?  That data can help you identify products and packages to offer. I’d imagine for example more people from the east coast travel to Disney World whereas those on the west coast tend to travel to Disneyland. Or the Bahamas versus Hawaii respectively.


The ability to use Google search, trends and more is infinite. It is only limited to one’s creativity and desire to grow their business. And it does not require a big investment.

Just a strategy and patience until the results appear. Which they will.


using google search