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Rich snippets is not some guy you went to school with. Nor something you likely ever heard of. How do I know? Because less than 1% of websites use this type of SEO.

Rich Snippets

So what exactly are rich snippets? They are a mark up language. Schema that is inserted typically via JSON-LD. What? Alright, joking aside, let’s bring it down a notch here.

But let’s actually talk about schema. Which as odd sounding as rich snippets is a language that the major search engines created.

A language, also known as a mark-up, that allows website owners and developers to help search engines better understand how to interpret website data.

An Example

Have you ever seen some of these search results? Pretty cool right? Want one? Guess what? You can have one. Thanks to “Rich Snippets.”

rich snippets

rich snippets

The first listing for has their very own search feature right on Google. And it’s specific to, nothing else.

The second shows upcoming concert dates simply by searching AC/DC 2017.

Imagine if you own a local business who puts on maybe cooking classes or other events? This type of tool allows you to list them right on your search page. For free.


By adding this “mark-up” you too can have rich snippets. Though it doesn’t necessarily improve overall search results it does increase your click rate.

Here’s what I mean. When you start a search, do you automatically click the very first result? Or do you peruse a few results and pick the one that is most appealing? That offers more of what you are looking for?

Not sure of your answer?  Which minestrone soup recipe you are most likely to click if presented the following options?

rich snippets

rich snippets

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Before you jump in and start looking for this Rich Snippets guy, remember. Google at the end of the day has to interpret your data. So it’s important this mark-up is added correctly.

It’s also up to Google whether these rich snippets are used or not.

But at least we now have a tool to help us better explain to Google how to interpret our data? How to show the results of our website to those performing search.

And we have our good friend Rich Snippets to thank.

636 Fahrenheit

That is the boiling point of saliva. Yes, gross indeed. Want to learn more about rich snippets and other SEO tools? And nothing gross, then please visit our Archives Page.