Increasing Search Traffic

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We’ve discussed the concept of increasing search traffic a lot lately. In part because it’s something on most website owner’s minds. But also, it’s insanely popular in search.

So here’s a suggestion for anyone who writes a blog. Open a Google search and start typing one, maybe two words about the subject of your blog. And voila, Google will give you the next blog post title. In the form of the search terms recommended. That is what’s on the mind of your readers.

Increasing Search Traffic

Now back on topic. Though perhaps this post should have been titled, Understanding How Google Works. Why? Because to be good at anything we need an understanding of how that something works. In this case, Google.

One of the easiest ways to understand how Google works is through a simple analogy.

Google The Matchmaker

Yes, Google is a matchmaker. That is how they should be thought of. A highly technical matchmaker that is.

For those single folk, you may have used or considered a service like where a third party verifies the authenticity of party A and party B and whether the two are compatible. Their reputation depends on the quality of their match.

Google is no different. Google is search. Bing, Yahoo don’t have the volume that Google does. Not only does Google like that they want to keep that status. So ensuring the quality of their own match is vital.

Bad Google

Imagine Google is horrible. You do  a search for shoes and you are bombarded with paid advertisers promoting their product. Most of which is likely inferior, poorly made “stuff.”

But to Google they get paid a lot of money in the short term. But you as a user of search don’t like the result. Eventually you have enough with Google and try Bing or Yahoo.

Good Google

Good Google is long term thinking. They need to make money to pay the bills and develop new products. But they also understand the importance of search quality over short term income.

So rather than match users with websites that pay the most they match with the most relevant website. One that can provide the best service and resources to their user.

It’s not an exact science. And with the insane number of websites on the internet today no small task. Yet Google does a pretty good job.