How Google Works

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When it comes to understanding how Google works there can be a bit to learn.  From meta to keywords, page titles, h1 tags and more it can be a bit involved.

Exactly how Google works is not something Google, nor any other search engine will discuss in detail. They give hints indeed. But the exact formula is not very public

As an aside, Google is search. So when it comes to referencing search, it’s best to simply reference Google.

What Is SEO?

SEO, search engine optimization is a subject that is so critical to success, yet truthfully, understood by few.

It’s way more than coming up with a keyword or two, adding them in your site and then waiting for Google to pick you up and broadcast to the world that your site is open for business.

SEO is an entire process. One that takes research (ironically using Google), the creation of a plan and then measuring results. Tweaking until you get the results you desire. It takes time indeed.

Google Uses People

Yes, real people actually are involved in the process of looking at your site. At some point, it is highly probable someone at Google, a tester if you will, evaluated your site for a very brief period of time.

Though the number of people is small who perform this task, and outsourced, people are employed to look at sites.

Why People?

Because Google, like any other company is in the business of fulfilling a need. The need being consumers, researchers and more who need to be matched with your site. Someone, somewhere in the world is looking to find the information listed on some obscure site.

The better Google is at identifying quality sites and matching those sites with the interested party, the better Google is. The happier Google customers are and the richer Google becomes.

Content Is King

This is why content is everything. First and foremost your site must have quality content. Content pertinent to not only what you sell, promote, advise, etc. But also content that matches your keywords.

If you tell Google your site is all about Pandora jewelry because it’s the most popular jewelry search item right now, then you better be writing about, selling or involved in some aspect of Pandora jewelry.

If you do sell Pandora jewelry, but your site is simply loaded with ads, irrelevant content and worse, the excessive use of the words “Pandora jewelry” guess what? Google will deem you less relevant.

They are less willing to put their reputation on the line in matching you with someone who just entered a search.


At the end of the day, the success of search, is directly correlated to the quality of your site. The speed of your site. It’s about balancing your products and services with content that adds value.

Who likes to go car shopping? No one. Why? Because the process is all about the sale. There is nothing free. No friendly advice. No wish that you just stopped by to say hello. You either buy today or leave.

Don’t turn your website into a dealership. Your customers will not be happy. Nor will Google.