Google Search Trends

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Google Search Trends is a tool to, well, show you the trend in search. And it’s fascinating. It’s also very powerful. And it’s one more thing. Invaluable.

So what exactly is it? How do you use it? And should you care? Let’s start with the easiest question first. Should you care? Well, yes. You should care. And if you read just a “smidge” further you’ll understand why.

Google collects a lot of data. Some would say maybe too much data. Like the NSA they “monitor” what we are doing. They see what we are interested in. What we are reading, researching and more. So they know a lot about the demographics of the world population.

Here’s an example of Google Search Trends for the term “jewelry.” Whenever someone enters the word “jewelry” in search it is recorded. As you can see below, over the past five years the term has been declining.

google search trends

Next, we can look a little closer and see what is going on. We see a view of the world and were the term “jewelry” is most searched for. And the top five countries for that term. In this example the US is the top country.

google search trends


We can now look even closer and see where in the US the term “jewelry” is most searched for.

google search trends


Next we can look at “jewelry” a little closer and see what the top searches are as it relates to jewelry. Notice “pandora” and “pandora jewelry” are the two most popular. By the way “queries” is just a fancy word for search.

google search trends

Let me share one last chart. If you have a jewelry related website. Just because you can spell correctly, doesn’t mean everyone else can. Some people actually search for jewelry by entering “jewellry” in the search field.

google search trends

Google Search Trends

So how do you use the above data?  That question is best answered through examples.

Thinking of introducing a new line of jewelry? Perhaps you should focus on something more “Pandora” related. Or at least, research the type of jewelry you want to introduce and see if interest is trending higher or lower. It’s best to confirm the consumer interest in your product before creating it.

Thinking of doing some advertising? Then you should focus in areas where the search for your product or service is most popular.

Do you have a website that is only available in english and yet search shows that non-US speaking countries represent a huge portion of your sales. Then perhaps it’s time to go multi-lingual with your site. Giving users the ability to select the language in which they can read.

Do you sell jewelry and want to partner with a blogger for content or an affiliate marketing program? It’s best to focus your efforts in New York and Atlanta first. After all they have the highest online interest in your category.

These are just a few of the countless ways this powerful tool can be used. To learn more please contact us and let’s talk.