Google My Business

Up Early Designs

Google my business does not mean to “Google” my business. Rather it is a neat little feature Google offers for any business with a physical location.

Such as a website developer in Colorado (hint, Up Early).

Google My Business

So what does Google My Business look like? Glad you asked. Below are two examples of what shows when you enter “Up Early Designs” in Google search.

First an overview. On the left you see structured data (please read Rich Snippets for more on this subject). And to the right you’ll see the Google My Business we set up for Up Early Designs.

google my business

Zoom In

Let’s zoom in and take a closer look.  You have all sorts of data you can conveniently share with customers.

Everything from photos to hours, reviews and more. In a nice, easy to read, condensed format.

You’ll even get listed on Google Maps.  So if someone enters something cool, like website design 80016 in search, they will see local designers and a pin dropped on the map for Up Early Designs.

google my business

How Does It Work

Simple. Very simple in fact. All you need to do is click the link, Get Your Free Business Listing and follow the steps.

Google does need to verify you have an actual physical location. So they go old school on you. And actually “snail mail” a postcard with a code on it.

Once received you need to log into your account, submit the code and voila, you now have a Google My Business listing.

Is It Worth It

Considering the cost is, zero, then yes. It is worth it. It’s a nice little free piece of advertising for you. A little effort on your part to set up, though not overly complicated.

150 Calories

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