Teaching Kids To Code

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Today’s post is about teaching kids to code. And it’s more of a “feel good” summary if you will.

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Teaching Kids To Code

So for the past four months I have been volunteering my time to teach about fifteen fifth, sixth and seventh graders the basics of coding.

Front end programming languages have been the primary focus. CSS, HTML and Javascript. Over the past four months we went from the very basics of how a computer thinks in literal terms to how they read code.

Eventually we began working on building their own mini-website using Code Pen, a great tool found at CodePen.io.

Insanely Rewarding

If you read the news or listen to your elders too much you may believe the world is doomed. This next generation just like the last “next generation” will destroy the earth. Society as we know it is toast.

Well good news. Actually great news. Those prognostications are false. Complete fallacy. The world is going to be just fine. We are going to leave the world and society for that matter in good hands.

Please Do Tell

So how do I know the future is bright? Because I spent four months with the future generation. An hour, once a week AFTER school. In a mobile. When the kids are tired, it’s getting late and they want to go home.

And what happened? They stayed polite and respectful. And absorbed the subject like a sponge. They loved learning to code. They would even work on their projects in their spare time. During study breaks or at home.

Party Time

Why am I writing this today? Proclaiming the greatness of our current youth. Because we just wrapped up the club. We had our final party. ¬†If you’re looking for a good deal on a cake, buy it at Costco.

Each member proudly presented their work in front of parents, their principal and a few other teachers. It was so awesome to see. The pride they took in their work.

It brings a smile to my face just typing these words.

Never bet against our future. Never believe the next generation will be our downfall. Our future is bright. Regardless of the path we take to get their.

If you ever have the chance to teach coding to youth or any other subject matter I have one suggestion. Do it. You’ll love it.