Refine Focus Keywords

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Refine focus keywords, an important step before you launch your campaign. Do your homework and think things through.  Should you use “website” or “web site” for example if you are a web developer (I know the answer).

If you sell jewelry do more people search for “jewelry” or “jewelerey?”  You’d be surprised as crazy as that last sentence sounds.

Think Before Wrapping

How much does it cost to wrap a truck with a corporate identity? A lot less than it will to fix the truck below (photo courtesy of

If only they shifted the break over the door one letter.

refine focus keywords

Refine Focus Keywords

Joking aside, at Starbuck’s expense (have you seen the price of their specialty drinks?), it’s important that you refine focus keywords before using them. That you think through all aspects of them.

And I mean more than just spelling or whether they should be plural, singular, etc. Here’s an example.

SEO is a pretty popular search term, right?  Which is why the following chart from Google search trends for the term “SEO” confused me. To learn more about search trends, please read Google Search Trends.

Why is Vietnam searching for SEO more than the US?  I mean the Philippines ahead of the US? The answer may surprise you.

refine focus keywords

What Does SEO Mean?

To those in the US, or at least those like myself with two kids who may need to get out more often, SEO has one meaning search engine optimization.

To those in Asia, SEO refers to “seo kang joon” a South Korean actor and singer.  He’s number three in Google’s search suggest feature when you type “SEO” with a space after it.


A lot of work goes into identifying the ideal focus keywords for your website. And each page should have a unique set, Google does not like “duplicate pages.”

This post just dives into the topic for now.  But the point is, you need to think through what words you will use. You need to use tools like search trends, Adwords data and more to find what’s ideal for you.

There is a sweet spot on the long tail search chart (read Long Tail Search for more on this subject).  The left side often too competitive while the right too obscure.


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