Focus Keywords

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When it comes to focus keywords, spelling is very important. I don’t mean the words “focus keywords” rather the focus key words you choose to associate your website, pages, products and more with.

Focus Keywords

So what exactly do I mean? We all have spelling issues. At least it’s a bet I would take.  Is the plural of radio, radios or radioes? Is it website or web site?

What about jewelry? Some people think the proper spelling is “jewelery?”  Though the former is correct, to some the latter is how they enter it in search.

Fortunately Google does offer some help as the example below shows.  Notice how they show the proper spelling.  Though do offer to search for the user’s misspelling.

focus keywords

Another Example

So should my post be focus keywords or focus key words? Semantics in terms of the two words versus three right? Take a look and you tell me.

focus keywords

The above chart is from Google Search Trends (please read Google Search Trends to learn more).

The chart uses search results for two different search terms. In blue and flatlined on the chart is “focus key words.” In red and far more popular is “focus keywords.”

And The Winner Is

Focus Keywords. If I want to improve my traffic for this post I am best to call it Focus Keywords.

Learn more about improving traffic by reading Increasing Website Traffic, Increasing Search Traffic and Increasing Search Results.

Spelling is important as this example shows. Before you set out and launch your SEO campaign or new website, do some homework.

Use tools like Google Search Trends to understand what words are best.

Google Decides

You need to put your best foot forward when it comes to SEO and maximizing your site’s performance. But at the end of the day all your work is only a suggestion.

Google ultimately decides. How, know one really knows. But if they think your site is better associated with other focus keywords, then that is how they will index it. Whether they are right or wrong, they make the final call.

Especially when it comes to meta descriptions. Please see Search Terminology for more.  Regardless of what you set for a description, Google often chooses their own. Based on what they feel is best.

Focus Keywords

With focus keywords, spend time understanding what is ideal. Spelling is very important. But so too is understanding the competition.

If you are an apple orchard or sell apple juice, you may need to introduce some creativity when it comes to keywords for example.

Otherwise, do you really want to compete with Apple the company?