How To Increase Website Traffic

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How to increase website traffic? It’s the goal of every website owner.  So what’s the answer? A lot of things. But what’s the real answer. Just one truly stands out. But first, let’s look at a few different tools one can use to drive traffic to their site.

  • Keywords, focus words
  • Links both internal and external
  • Meta and alt tags
  • Content

All of the above help increase traffic. But one stands out. That’s not to say you should ignore the above, just focus your time. So what stands out? Content. Plain old, website content. But not just any content. Good content. Clean content. Inspiring content.

Content Is King

Content is everything. When asked the question, how to increase website traffic, I have one unequivocal answer. Content. Let me explain. But first let me qualify this statement. I’ve built a number of sites and created a lot of traffic. Sites that had well over 5,000 unique visitors a month. Generating a few hundred thousand page views a month. And that was for a rather “boring” topic. A topic the majority was not interested in. Things like interest rate swaps. Economic data. Fun stuff right?

Once I had this traffic I was then able to monetize it. That’s when “boring” subjects became far more exciting. So what exactly did I do?

I wrote a lot. In fact I often wrote two or three articles each day. And would even publish one or two videos each week. Combined with articles that generated comments. Often over two hundred comments a day. So not only were visitors coming to read my articles, but also coming to engage with one another in discussion.

It took more than just publishing on my sites though. I also did a lot of work to guest write. To identify very popular sites and guest write for them. All I asked was a simple link to my site as the author of the article.


There remains no simple way to drive traffic other than a bit of work. Sometimes a lot of work. And content remains king. But as discussed recently, Great Website Content, thought and care has to go into what you write. To what is published on your site. After all you want your site to be appealing and inspiring. Think of content like furniture for your home.

A lot goes into the design of your home. The colors, where walls are placed, kitchen cabinets and more. You can easily ruin the look by using unflattering furniture, pictures and more right? The same is true with content.

Content has to be articulate, concise, on point and grammatically correct. You have to find balance between saying enough but not too much. And it takes time. You have to learn from your audience. But once mastered, content will drive traffic. It will drive conversation.

how to increase website traffic

How To Increase Website Traffic

Write a lot.