Focus Key Words

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When it comes to focus key words, what should one do. Randomly select words that best describe their business? Likely not. Make up words that have nothing to do with their business? Definitely not.

The Answer Is?

The answer is it depends. It depends on your goal. Rather than get too broad in this discussion let’s start right off with an example. Let’s take two business.

Business one is a local baker. They make great cakes and their cupcakes? As my Italian heritage would say “fuhgeddaboudit,” they’re off the charts.

Then there’s business two. Also a baker. Great food as well, but they have one item that is insanely popular. And even better? It can be shipped anywhere and stay fresh.

What Focus Key Words To Use?

So what do these business do? What focus key words do they use? Baker comes to mind. Or perhaps bakery. But not everyone spells correct right? So perhaps “bakerey?” Problem with those words is they are not “focused” enough.

They are so general they do little to differentiate you. And think of all the other “bakers” in search you are competing with.

So you need to fine tune. But how and to what?

Glad You Asked

First, here’s a great tool from Google, called Google search trends. Below is an interactive example. This is a view by city for the search term “bakery.”  Click on “subregion” on the table below, you can change the view. Kind of cool.



If you’re the second business, the one who wants to sell your cupcakes around the world, the focus key words “bakery” are still not right. They are too general. Not descriptive enough.

And certainly not enough to separate your business from the countless other bakers. But what if you are the first business? Don’t be so quick to say “fuhgeddaboudit.” Why? 

Because the biggest distinction between business one and two is that the former sells local. The latter, business two, sells their cupcakes globally.

So what if you are business one and you happen to be in Honolulu? Well guess what. You just found the perfect search term. Because your target audience is Honolulu only and they are the most popular part of the US for the search term “bakery.”

If you are business one and in Boise? Don’t fret! Simply exhaust search trends until you find the focus key words that the residents of Boise truly love. And that my friend, is your answer.


Identifying the correct focus key words is a personal thing. It is a function of your business goals. It varies depending on who your target audience is.

And like your business they must be unique. Every bakery has something special in their eyes that separates them from the other bakery down the street. Their success hinges on their ability to communicate that to their customers.

Google gives us the same opportunity to do the very  same thing. To separate ourselves from our competition. And to do that, we must identify the correct focus key words.

focus key words