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  • Increasing Website Traffic

    We have been talking, or shall I say, I have been writing a lot about SEO, content marketing and improving search results. But what I have really been focusing on, as all of…

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  • Focus Key Words

    When it comes to focus key words, what should one do. Randomly select words that best describe their business? Likely not. Make up words that have nothing to do with their business? Definitely…

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  • How To Increase Website Traffic

    How to increase website traffic? It's the goal of every website owner.  So what's the answer? A lot of things. But what's the real answer. Just one truly stands out. But first, let's…

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  • Responsive Web Design

    Responsive web design means the website is designed to adapt to device of the user.  From a 4" mobile device, to a  13" laptop to a massive desktop, the screen in which someone…

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  • Out Source Or Hire

    With a growing number of freelancers on the market, is the traditional employee employer relationship changing? Is there a move away from hiring employees and towards hiring for services? On both ends of the spectrum,…

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