img_9From a marketplace standpoint, the internet is a truly amazing opportunity. Today, a small crafter in some remote town can sell their product anywhere in the world. And all it takes is a simple eCommerce platform.

From a one person shop to a multi-national corporation, any product or service can be purchased online. It is secure, fast, convenient. And most important, eCommerce is a service nearly 40% of consumers prefer. Yet only offered by 28% of small businesses.


The ability to offer eCommerce is not capital intensive. Nor overly difficult. The market is full of plug and play products that make it easy to offer this service.  In other words. There are no excuses.

Up Early Designs can help you with eCommerce

  • Adding your products to marketplaces such as Amazon or Etsy
  • Setting up eCommerce capabilities on your existing website
  • Creating a website with eCommerce capabilities
  • Reducing shopping cart abandonment
  • Increasing sales through referrals
  • Maximizing the customer experience

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