SEO Or Sales

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SEO or sales. Which one is it? Do you create an SEO campaign to drive sales? Is an SEO campaign truly what you need?

There’s no denying the need for SEO and the benefits it offers. Please read SEO Basics for more on that subject.  But it’s not always the answer.  At least not the first.

SEO Or Sales

We’re often asked by clients to help with their SEO efforts so they can increase sales. Though there’s nothing wrong with that question, it may not be the right question.

Often we ask a question based on limited information or knowledge of a subject. And those being asked should navigate through what is being asked of them (did that sentence make any sense?).

An Example

You are a small home based, hand crafter. You perhaps opened a Shopify store and wrote a few blogs posts. But after a few months nothing happened.

There are no sales at all. The till is empty and has not rung since day one. So you look for help. You scour the web and come across this thing called SEO. You figure, if only I could get traffic to my site I could ring the register. “Perhaps I need to spend some money on SEO” you ask yourself.

True and not true. Perhaps what you really need is to get in front of the right audience. In front of your customers.

Do Explain

What I mean by that is maybe your product is best suited for a site like Etsy or Zulily where they bring the customers. They do the marketing and promotion to drive the audience to you.

To get that register ringing you may need to first work within such an e-commerce environment. The cost is minimal to zero. So not much in regards to risk. And the potential has no real limit.

Such sites are not right for everyone but are for some. Especially those starting out, with a limited budget or simply wanting to test the waters and get market feedback.

What’s The Question

So before you ask a question or before someone answers, it’s best to first define the goal. SEO is important. This post is not intended to take away from that reality. It is indeed a powerful tool.

But not for everyone at the same stage. For some, it may come later down the road. So the question many should often ask. Is not how does SEO work? Or can you guarantee sales if I hire you to do some magical “SEO?”  But rather, what can I do to get the fly wheel going. To put some cash in the coiffures.

Need Help

Sure we do website, SEO and anything digital. But we also help with sites like Etsy, Zulily, Amazon and more.

So do you need help? Please, contact us.  Together we can define the question and find the answer.