E-Commerce What Customers Want

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So you’re planning a new website or you have an existing website. Great. So what’s next? How about understanding what your customers want? Not a bad place to start right? After all why build something that is not capable of solving a problem. Increasing sales.

KISS Metrics has a great report on this very subject, What E-Commerce Customers Want. Below are some highlights of their research.


Below are photos of two stores. Which would you prefer to shop?

Pretty easy answer right? Websites are no different than physical stores. They need to be clean, organized. And most importantly easily navigated.

Product Pages

Here’s a direct quote from the article. Why rewrite something already eloquently stated.

“I’m going to give you 10 seconds to pitch a product to me. I already know a little bit about the product. I understand the category the product fits under, the makers of the product, and the price, but no more than that. You give me a 10 second pitch on why I should buy it.

What do you tell me?

What you tell me should be the above-the-fold content for each product page.

One of my favorite product pages is the Nest thermostat. It shows the benefits by the days and weeks, and gives the price at the end.”

The Transaction

Ever get to the checkout of a store and have a complete customer experience reversal. You may have loved the salesperson who helped you. The selection was amazing, right? Price was better than you could have imagined. Fantastic. Outstanding.

Let me buy this stuff and be on my way, you tell yourself. Then all of a sudden the ferris wheel stops. The fun is over. The experience plummets quickly. The line is way too long. The person at the register is on the phone. Or worse, totally incompetent.

What was once an amazing experience is now one you hope to never repeat. We previously spoke about the insanely high shopping cart abandonment rate (nearly 70%) Shopping Cart Abandonment. The sad thing is most of the reasons given were easily fixable.


So whether you have a website or are planning to build one (or have one built, please), plan ahead. Make sure you understand not only the purpose of the site, but more importantly, how will the site maximize the customer experience and drive sales.

In a world saturated with websites you need to standout. You need to go the extra mile to ensure a happy customer. Because a happy customer is a repeat customer.

And a happy customer is your best source of advertising.