The Growth Of Digital

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The growth of digital in our lives is both amazing and fascinating. A watershed moment in our lives if you will.

It was just 2000 when the concept of e-commerce was starting to take hold. At the time I  owned my retail store and received a visit from my largest footwear vendor.  Just a mention of this thing called “the internet” stirred fear and confusion with the national sales manager.

Fear that e-commerce would destroy all of their brick and mortar retailers. And confusion at what the internet was and the role it would play going forward.

The Growth Of Digital

Fast forward to 2007 and mobile was born. In the form of iPhone. Today, with the growth of digital, there are more mobile phones than toothbrushes in the world (source, Did You Know).

I was at Barnes and Noble the other day with my daughter. I left my phone at home. And wanted to know the time. There are no clocks in the world anymore. Who would have thought one day you would tell time by “picking up the phone.”

From how we stay in touch to how we research, digital has truly changed our lives. And in relatively short order.

Rather than ramble more, I want to share a number of charts that best demonstrate this growth.

Digital Consumption

Chart provided by Business Insider

Digital Use By Age

Chart provided by Business Insider

Will It Continue

Considering the shift in demographics, yes. Yes it will continue.

“Gen We” and “Millennials” for the most part only know digital. They grew up amid this explosion. And represent almost half of the US population.

Impact Of Digital

This chart quantifies a trend most of us know. Traditional media such as print and direct mail are disappearing. Digital is simply too cost effective to not utilize.  And too prolific.

Digital Humor

What does Dilbert say about this? Let’s turn to Scott Adams and see.


If you are behind on this shift in digital, do not fret. You are not alone. You have an amazing opportunity to move ahead of much of your competition. But you cannot sit idle.

You cannot ignore this growth and hope it goes away. Fear of change is intimidating for many. Those who feared the internet and believed it would negatively impact our lives were proven wrong.

The same will be true with digital. It’s truly an amazing time in our lives. And the growth of digital is why.

Don’t let fear and misunderstanding limit your ability to prosper from this growth.