Internet Activity

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Internet activity is insane. There’s no other word to describe it. When you combine nearly one billion websites worldwide you’re already working with big numbers

But just how big? So big it’s easier understood by taking a snapshot.  A one minute summation of what happens in just sixty seconds.

Internet Activity

In just one minute, internet traffic is still pretty big.  For example, in just one minute there are 3.5 million Google searches.

Or in the case of online purchases a mere $751,522 dollars are spent. Just a mere. Not overly impressive?

What about 16 million texts sent. 4.1 million youtube videos watched.  1.8 million “snaps” created. And of course 900,000 Facebook logins.

Want More

Want to see more staggering statistics. Below is an infographic courtesy of All Access in their recent article, What Is Your Audience Doing When They Are Not Listening To You.

Embrace Digital

Clearly, we all need to embrace digital. Regardless of what you do, sell, service and more, you need an ever growing digital presence.

Digital is showing zero signs of slowing down. It’s a fast moving train that you better climb aboard before it’s too late.

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