Effective Content

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Effective content is the goal. Well, traffic is the goal. But to get traffic, we need content. More so, effective content.

Why do I put so much emphasis on content? Because Google does. Please read Improving Search Results to learn more.

Effective Content

So what do I mean by effective content. I mean content that serves many purposes. The main focus should be on delivering a product your customers and users demand. A product that answers questions.

Content that is not hard to read, nor a word count contest. It should be fun to read in other words. Enjoyable if you will.

Written is not the only form though. It can be in other digital formats such as video or audio. And of course pictures. Pictures still work.

Being Found

But writing great content is not the only thing one must focus on. After all good content is only “good” if it’s read. And to be read it must be found.

So here are some tips on making sure your content has a higher chance of being both found by Google and indexed with the proper key words (please read Search Terminology for more).

Key Words

The first step is to identify the key words you want associated with your article. They need to be relevant. You cannot write about your product and then title the article The Key To SEO for example.

Once you define your key words, you now deploy a strategy versus randomness in how you use them. But it’s a balance.  You want to use your key words three or four, maybe even five times in an article but not too much (not counting alt tags).

Don’t key word stuff (please read Keyword Strategy for more).

An Example

Below is an example of how I write posts.  First, notice the address of my article. It uses the key words I want to write about in the URL, Google My Business.

effective content

Next I use the key words a few times “above the fold” in the post. I marked in red where I used them and a corresponding number in green for reference.

effective content

This example shows four places I used the key words. First in the very first sentence of the post. This makes it clear to Google and the user they are reading relevant content. Not click bait.

Second and this is important, I use it in an H2 tag. To the reader it looks like a heading but to Google it is seen as code with a higher significance.

The third location is in an “above the fold” section (unless you have a mobile device).

And finally, a fourth place. Though not visible to you it is to Google. I place the key words in the “alt tag”of the image. This makes the image searchable.

Why All The Work?

It’s less work than you may think. More work when you start this approach. But once you are used to it, in many ways it makes writing easier. It forces some structure and relevance to your writing.

The primary goal with all of my writing remains providing good quality content. But I want to make sure people see my content. I want credit for my efforts. Which requires some basic SEO.