Content Marketing

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The subject of content marketing is more than a one day post. More than a quick read and voila the subject is mastered. In fact this is one subject likely never mastered.

But rather a skill that evolves as your audience and goals evolve.

Content Marketing

So what exactly is content marketing? It probably means a lot of things to a lot of people. Wikipedia, defines it as follows.

“A form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online.”

The operative words are content and targeted audience.


The most common definition of content is what you are “reading” right now. Some published verbiage about a random subject. A blog post. Read more at Great Website Content.

Though it can and should be more broadly defined. Clearly words can convey a message. But not always. Video can convey a message. Especially when you want to touch someone on an emotional level. Where words alone are inadequate.

One elegant photo can stand on its own merits. A simple black and white photo, unfiltered by color be quite articulate.

The medium in which we convey a message should not be limited to words. But rather a method in which you can best reach your audience.

Targeted Audience

The definition of your target audience may seem academic and simple. But it likely is not. If you work for a company or on a team, ask fellow members to define your target audience. You may very well be surprised by their response.

Don’t limit your target audience to someone or some entity who is on the radar to make a purchase or be involved in some other monetary transaction.

Do you want a transaction today or a relationship tomorrow? Think of your target audience beyond who you can convert today. But rather an unsolicited future champion of your brand. Someone who is not bought, but rather earned.

Think Longer Term

If you make an investment in an SEO campaign for example, you must think long term. Don’t even waste your money if you hope to achieve results in the next few months.

Though possible you can see immediate results, it is not probable. Because success in anything evolves time. There are no shortcuts in life.

Success in any industry is predicated on building a healthy, sustainable relationship. One built on trust. Whether you are a national brand, a non-profit blogger or DBA working out of your home.

Imagine I ask you right now in this post, what your intentions are. Did you come here to have me build you a website, launch an SEO campaign or some other service?

I do not write everyday in hopes of converting a sale. Because I understand if I offer something, at no charge, with no risk to the visitor then my business will thrive. Opportunity will present itself. Tomorrow, not today.  Whether tomorrow truly is, or five years down the road.

Today is about building relationships. Earning trust. Building the emotional bank account if you will.  Focus on the process. Success will follow.


Content marketing is not guest blogging. It is not asking the world to link back to your site.  Rather it is about building a community. A community that together you can grow with. One that understands that life is a two way street.

If you prosper then I prosper. My success is contingent upon yours. It would be unfair and unwise for me to take my content and other materials and push them beyond this website.

My simple goal with each post I write, each day, is to produce a quality product. One, that upon reading, the majority of readers feel they received some benefit. At no cost. No risk. Simply a gift for taking the time to visit.


Whatever you say and whoever you say it to make sure you evolve.  Be open to the reality that as your audience and goals change so too should the method in which it is communicated.

If you write, you still must evolve. You do not have to say what your audience “wants to hear.” Always be genuine. But understand how your audience wants it said.

Let your audience calibrate your style. If you like humor then try humor. Find balance between too much and too little.

Whether it be word count, images and more, your audience will tell you how they want to “hear” your message.  You must simply remain open.


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