Converting Website Visitors

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Converting website visitors is the goal. Plain and simple. Unless of course your site is a hobby. Where you sell nothing. Raise no funds for charity, etc.

But if you are like the other 99.99% of website owners, your goal is to convert visitors into sales.

Which is why the next few statistics may shock you.  Hell it will deter you. Sorry.

Converting Website Visitors

A study by KISS metrics ( shows that 96 percent of website visitors are not ready to buy.

If you’re like me you’ll re-read that previous sentence a few times. It makes zero sense. How can 96% of traffic, not be ready to buy. Only 4% of visitors to any website are buyers.

If that’s not a kick in the teeth then I don’t know what is. Want another kick?

Again per KISS metrics, buyers do not reach out to suppliers until they are 57% into their purchasing process. In other words they are more than halfway to making a purchase and still have not yet reached out to a supplier of the product and or service they need.

Why Are Only 4% Shopping

Today we research everything.  Which is a good thing.  To an extent. Personally it drives me a bit mad how I can’t make a simple purchase without doing some research. Even a simple online purchase of a water filter recently and I spent time ensuring that by saving a bit of money I wouldn’t’ regret my decision. So I spent time studying reviews.

With so much data so accessible it makes sense that we like to research our purchases. Rather than throw money at a dart board and hope it sticks, we ask others. We read reviews, compare products, look at other options or solutions to our problems.

So What Should You Do

As a business owner, whether online or brick and mortar. Whether you selling some tangible product or provide a service, we all need to think through the purpose of our online presence.

Would you rather your competition for example educate your customers. Your customers are researching and if you are not providing the tools they need, they’ll go elsewhere.

Whoever is providing the resources needed to make an informed decision is also making regular deposits in that customer’s emotional bank account. Brand equity is being built.  Customer allegiance is being formed.

The customer is getting something for free. And when the time to purchase is upon them, chances are they’ll buy from whoever helped them the most.


Don’t think of your website as purely a conduit to conduct a monetary transaction. Though that’s the ultimate goal, the road to get their is different today.

Today we love to research. We love to learn. And based on the statistics, the vast majority of us are online at this very moment doing such research.

Are you providing such a service? If not, it’s time to rethink your digital strategy.

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