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Tony Pallotta


Tony’s story is one of constantly pursuing happiness. Not following the money, but rather his heart. And through this approach, a lot of happiness and peace in life has been found.

His journey begins with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from WPI, Worcester, MA. Which resulted in his first (and only) corporate job working for General Electric as an engineer, and then eventually, numerous supervisory roles in many businesses throughout the Midwest.

But after six years of making pretty good money and advancing quickly up the corporate ladder, there was a void. So like any “naive” twenty-something, he tendered his resignation, walked away from his stock options, job “security” and more and opened a retail store. Runner’s Edge in Melrose, MA would be home to Tony’s career for the next twelve years. Selling running related product, and following his passion.

Then, as a “naive” forty-something, Tony would once again follow his heart. He sold the business in 2008, at the top of his game. Once again leaving a bit of money on the table. This time it was about focusing 100% on being the best father and husband possible.

During this time, Tony would self-teach himself how to program, web design, SEO and more. His first endeavor was a fully-automated trading system in the futures market. Which he operates to this day. Those same skills gave birth to his next business, UpEarlyDesigns.

It’s been one exciting journey. One that Tony documents in his personal blog.

Tony lives in Denver, CO with his wife, two daughters, two dogs and a cat. He is also an avid athlete who has completed three Ironman, too many to count ultra-marathons, five hundred mile finishes, a double Grand Canyon crossing, a 200 mile run through the Colorado trail at 10,000 feet and more.

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Tony Pallotta